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Surrender To Sound was created in 2009 off an idea from producers ShomiOnline & DJ Unknown to provide our original rap instrumentals for artists, songwriters, and companies to license at competitive rates. We also plan on increasing the production talent of our team to provide you with an even more diverse range of instrumentals that span across multiple genres.

Our Goal

Here at Surrender To Sound, we understand that we have a shared commitment to succeed in the music industry. Surrender To Sound's range of beats and relevant sounds make it possible for us to create personalized solutions for you to compete with today's industry challenges and assure musical success.

Our Background

In September of 2009, ShomiOnline & DJ Unknown released their collaboration project called Surrender To Sound Vol.1. It featured a new era of futuristic production and was met with great success and continued feedback from across the internet. We enjoyed the project so much that we decided to team up and provide a location where artists can come license our instrumentals for their mixtapes, albums, and more without having to search all over the web to find them. Shomi started learning about composing music in 2001 when he was taking piano lessons in high school. He later learned from friends on how "beats" can be made using the computer and he has been doing it ever since. Fast Forward to 2008, while in school in Arizona, Shomi met DJ Unknown (who is orginally from Compton, CA). DJ Unknown was looking for a way to create his own beats, but with all the software out there to make your own music now he didn't know which one would be good to start with. Shomi suggested FL Studio 7 and DJ Unknown went to work learning the program and later mastering it. The beginning of partnership began and the future is now!

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check out this new song by km (make you mine)

Folllow KM @kmtthaoriginal