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kathy denise lyons


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kathy denise lyons
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kathy denise lyons
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u fine sexy azz lips boo

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so let me get this straight damn u hate my nigga that bad where u gone make a memership to tell him what he doin wrong...u bitch ass nigga fuck u i dare u try n make him look bad he talks to god all the time u think he came this far n not close wit his saviour? get yo ass on somewhere hater.... bet if u seeen him right now u b all on his dick talkin bout hey gucci mane i hope he slap yo silly ass n public

On: Dec 11, 2010

i am pround of my nigga ok he came a long way. i think the whole damn counrty need to stand up for him. regardless of wat mtfs think about him he not gone change for hollywood like the rest of u hoes

Replied To: We DID It!!! (Forum topic)
On: Dec 11, 2010

wat the fuck damn man they need to leave my nigga alone yea i talk alot of shit i walk around like im guccis bitch everybody know thtas gucci bitch...if they do lock my nigga up he gettin right back out n he gone make some sweeter shit..oh jus for the record i dnt fuck wit jeezy regardless if yall so called squashed it i still dnt trust his slick mouth ass talkin bout who still wears fruity stones.....bitch my nigga wear fruity stones like rainbows hoe n even if u wore em u still wouldn b fine u not choclate enuf

Replied To: more jail time? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 11, 2010

long money he looked like the mtf man talk mad shit bitches say he arrogant but at the same time young hoez b jockin him lol

Replied To: favorite video (Forum topic)
On: Dec 11, 2010

745 and nickelodeon

damn n i love makin money fly and i love kick a door n vette long money n gross

Replied To: Best Gucci Track? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 11, 2010