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kyshem willard
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kyshem willard
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radric bruh i dont think nobody go harder then me my ima trapholic all i do is ball tear da mall down all trick dont flag me down see downtown rarri i didnt mean to shit on u excuse me sorry verte so slick it make my video marvelous polo to da floor ralph down like carlton try the ceo dey goin put u on a carton........freestyle off da kush freestyle whn u was n da house " so icy boys erybody n a bentley the rims came with the b's but they didnt come with the skinnys" i love that shit bruh keep doin ur thang ima do my delta 88 like urs all red i want 30s but i only had enough funds to put on 6s but ima be da lil gucci n sc n nc comin soon my dog ur success helps me to be successful u dont say negative shit bruh fuck wat them people say bout u dog i fucks with u since black tee.......

Replied To: NEW VIDEO - "24 Hours" (Blog)
On: Mar 25, 2011