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Unique Won Boo
United States
Unique Won Boo
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I love you Gucci <33333333

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Hi beautiful , How you doing? what's your facebook name?

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moneys, 84 rosters 2 pizza pie hout @ shelbyville TN, moneys, meet me at dream, I keep my private bizzness, moneys

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moneys, meet me at dream, I keep my private bizzness, moneys

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wat dey love? im really not into typin much but how can i become a friend to one of ur pages? when u get dis im in miami call me at dis #7863705501 dis is 4 unique won boo

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TWITTER GAME @IllusionAbuser

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Heeey unique lol. my kitchen been my favorite for a min. wbu 

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Lol truuue. I gota see. but trap back be goin in. plain jane my shit though I.R.S we on the roll bank account got several o's lol. and blessing that's my alarm to wake me up in the a.m lol. anything gucci I love it. :-).... have u been to a concert yet

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Smh gurl naw. smh 2times... I can't wait though I don't care if I gotta drive  2 or 3 hours lol. I just wanna chill wit him ain even tryna b his girl. shit he dnt want a girl and I  dnt want a nigga right now so we good lmao

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Its my party

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O yea I def fucks wit that. dam right sounds good to me :-) uma gucci gurl to the death lol so 1017 my brothers bow. I'm fuckin wit it/you 2. I love it. and we will one of these days lol got 2

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Dam right u def sound like my type of gurl. I believe we'll have a ball 2getha. I'm in V.A boo. wea u @?

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 Make The Trap Ayy
- Making Love To The Money

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thanx fa tha add sexc wish i had a pic so u cn c my face hit me up on fb savale hood rich fulton fuck wit me.

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dang u going da fuck off

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ahaha, nigga too wild 

On: Oct 09, 2012

Wish iCoulda been there!!

On: Mar 15, 2012