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what up, add as friend

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Traphouse Coalition

We are from B'ham,Al -Our Group is called Traphouse Coalition I Know the name sound crazy but we are Solo Artist also Lil Wun, Rodney Smalls, Young Ryan & Lil'Nier , So we just thought we would like to have your attention to listen to some good original music FROM OUR SIDE.

Everybody Sounding da Same Nowadays. Please leave some feedback on wat you think here go some Links / Free Downloads you can either listen or download your choice. Appreciate ya....

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Traphouse Coalition

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arent u sexy but not as much as me

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Some of the best kind of love! Thanks honey!!

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well i am just one fan did take photography for some time though and the black on black i dont like an stop letting them tilt your head so much it makes your face look chubby, i am just keeping it real!

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On: Dec 19, 2010