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patrice hubby boo


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patrice hubby boo
United States
patrice hubby boo
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Replied To: 028 (Photo)
On: Jun 08, 2011

oooooooooooooooowie dats her yeser u kno it swag ps sincer,......

Replied To: Picture 065 (Photo)
On: Feb 19, 2011

swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag  out  baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby fat

Replied To: Picture 066 (Photo)
On: Feb 19, 2011

hit me up guirl stop playin

Replied To: Tink Tink & Me!!! ;) (Photo)
On: Feb 14, 2011

u call her kianna boo and she my boo

Replied To: Bestss 4 lyfe! (Photo)
On: Feb 14, 2011