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moneys, meet me at dream, I keep my private bizzness, moneys

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hey gurl wats up with u

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me im jus chillen..whats up wit you tho how many blunts did you *B^laze* down for 4/20...MZ.lady

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ill be yo hubby

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mines is august 1st and u damn rite ima leo

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can u listen to my song brown tone bone or Georgie pourgie on my page and tell me wat u think

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join muh site calld meet fine ass niggas there

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was ghuddie guhl glad yu keepin shit reall... hit meh up sumtime shit add meh

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bitch this nay nay if you on my page hoe fuck you if i see you im fuckin you up the 43rd nigga gone be at who me bitch kill yoself fo that they dont even like you they talk bout you like a dog kno that you just lost the onky real friend you had(in that wasnt even me sent that ,that was wanna you mad)

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wat up

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wat up bay u look sex call me

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hey hey ms cutie can u listen to my new song called be mine and tell me wat u think

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new songs on my page tell me wat u think

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kay skeeter is now shreder shred i dont know if u rember me but u liked my songs this is my new shit