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shai martin


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shai martin
United States
shai martin
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Hey WhAt iT DoEs

♥iLove My Son♥'s picture

showin luv ta yhur page

♥iLove My Son♥'s picture

what????? yhew added meh!!!

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Thanks for the add Mah, don't be a stranger :-)

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ok baby gurl

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wat up how old are u call 544-4846

patrice I CAN DO BAD BY MYSELF's picture

ur welcome

desmondsloan's picture

wat up

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wat up

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Ms.Wongus , for life's picture

hey wat is good with you with this is nequa coming thru

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mz sexy chick !!!'s picture

love the page

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hey shai! remember me? from eastern. lol
do you have facebook or anything llike that?

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kay skeeter is now shreder shred i dont know if u rember me but u liked my songs this is my new shit