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ShayNesha LAchai


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ShayNesha LAchai
ShayNesha LAchai
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can u listen to my song brown tone bone or Georgie pourgie on my page and tell me wat u think

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Thanks 4 tha add mama.....BBBBBricK $quad!

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Thanks for the add mah!!!! Get at me

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thanks gorgeous dis is wat i do im dedicated to my music i make a song atleast ery day new song on my page called neva seen dis kind before thanks for ur support again cutie

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hey hey ms cutie can u listen to my new song called be mine and tell me wat u think

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it is not cute to take pictures in ur dam bra

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wats gud sexy

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Wats gud ma U make a nigga wanna get all up in dat pussy

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wat up ma

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new songs on my page tell me wat u think

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boi sttopppp looking MADD!!! lol J/P

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On: May 17, 2010