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shreder shred
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shreder shred
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yup you welcome kay skeeter <3

Ms.Anderson aka shugie's picture

no problem

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i like it

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i like it will dey let me download dis joint

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Your really good i like ur song keep it up

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I like the song

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tht song is real gone

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ii [love] dah song brah especially [run tell dat]-- goez ham, keep doin ya thang :-]

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u welcome sweetheart.

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I listen to a lot of demos, and you've got more than enough skills, but like all the others, the lyrics are too repetitive. I'm waiting to hear someone who says and does something that isn't being said or done. When Nas came out, no one was doing what he was doing, same for Biggie, Tupac, Tribe Called Qwest, Jay-Z etc. I have some friends who can get you signed, but they are hesitant to get down with rappers because they want some originality. Man, you got the talent to be the next big thing, and I know this by what I've heard so far, but you don't want to be another artist that gets signed because your sound/style reminds people of someone who did it before. Your skills are incredible, the only thing you're missing is some originality. And I hope you don't take this as a diss, because you are raw, no doubt! Just want to supply a little knowledge for you. Peace!

Daht Babii Ghurrl : )'s picture

i listened to it and i was alright so why did you put it on there nd iz they yo raps

Jasmine_Nikkole's picture

no problem huney

Daht Babii Ghurrl : )'s picture

O well they tight azz shit

monica_6's picture

its cool but im in a rapping group its call money making minds k

aaliyah's picture

do u kno mi!'

patrice I CAN DO BAD BY MYSELF's picture

u are so welcome sweetie

Tezzy Baby's picture

hit me up if u got myspace my email is asap i got songs i just need beats

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BaddestBitch A.K.A Queen Lady T's picture

i like brown tone the best

Lil Mizz Swagger's picture

I like your song it's tight

Michael D. Cunningham's picture

The song is tight man, I really like it. A couple of things: sounds like you rushed through this one. Always take your time and put out a good product, no matter what anyone else says. Also, the words (lyrics) were kind of running into each other, again, sounding like a rushed work. Lets do an experiment...I will send you a poem I wrote, and I want you to turn it into a rap. First off, take time to really read it, understand the meaning, dissect it like you back in biology taking that frog apart. You can add to it or take away from it, whatever you need to do to make it do what you want it to do. Let me know when you got it done, music and all so I can hear it. If I like it, you can keep it, no strings attached. If I think it needs work, I will let you know, but if it sucks (which I don't think it will), then I get it back and I never see it published or recorded anywhere else (work is copyrighted). Man, I think you got some mad skills, and you first have to take your time and write some good songs, and second, don't be afraid to try something different. Most people don't know this, but Tupac, although he was not the most lyrically heralded rapper, he wrote a lot based on poems he wrote (about 25 or so were published and recorded on CD). Poem is below...good luck!

Lifetime (Letter to my long lost friend)

A lifetime, it took me. To get to know you, to become your friend.
A lifetime,
for others to see in you what I saw.
A decent human being.
A lifetime, it seems,
for us growing up, to receive the breaks others were afforded...but we did.
A lifetime, you know,
for a true friend like you to come along.
Now you're gone, and still I know it will take,
A lifetime for me to stop missing you.
I miss you, man.

Tina Johnson's picture

aye i really like ur songs but da one i lke da best is thugged out shawtee but keep doin wat u do cuz u hot !!!!1

rydesha cephas's picture

its hard

maya [aka mrs.hudson] :)'s picture

i love both of them. the beat is hard an everything is dope. yo keep up what you doin. this will mos def get you far.!

genia 4 gucci's picture

i think you you definitly have talent

Tezzy Baby's picture

well i think you and i need to get up and record some songs feel me and if you want hit me up ill be on for a while so get back at me
one love Jamaica thats my name

gucci ked's picture

u gud on dat beat cuz

Michael D. Cunningham's picture

Dude, that beat is whats up! And you killin the flow! I like this one! Can't wait to see how you do with that poem. One!

tenisha's picture

no prblm sexii

nunubaby's picture

ay wats up that song is hot the beat is hot to and u can get it

MzDimond$OnD3ck*'s picture

omg that was so cool sn thatz watz up man

Daht Babii Ghurrl : )'s picture

i got you tomorrow

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lil wayne is the best's picture

dam u go hard

ShayNesha LAchai's picture

its cool I like it to be real with you

kingtravis's picture

got damn nigga u knock dat shit off da map

crystal williams's picture

ur music go hard i like it u need to let my uncle hear dis he can get u a dill

lilshawn's picture

yeah that shit hard son u got talent son keep on raping son

TIKI's picture

Dat shit go hard

B@dd3st's picture

i like that ........

MZ GUCCI BITCH's picture

u sound good, keep doin it

Nashia2x's picture

your song sounded gud

sierra_2's picture

dats raw ass hell i rap 2

Latanya_LookBacAtHim_Pierce's picture

i like it

Juicy Heather's picture

Good shit. I'm back up on my shit bitch!

Yung Sadie's picture

its good u jus nd to put a lil mo gam into it

MZ GUCCI BITCH's picture

yea u hot.. keep doin yo thang!! ;)

sierra_2's picture

i like it


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dat ass gigantic cant use da word big

Replied To: MS ALA'NA J & COCO (Photo)
On: Apr 22, 2010

dat shit da truth can u listen to my song called its a fuckin rap its on my page on here or my music page i know u prolly dont even get dis sighn me gucci !!!!!!!!!!!!!

On: Jan 05, 2010