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Will Gillaim


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Will Gillaim
United States
Will Gillaim
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Anthony Logan aka D.J.L-O's picture

neau. Am just cool, real ass nigga. I am a dj that's always networking. AM always on the grind.

BigNasty aka BigBlakkWhaidloklik's picture

Haha i knew fuck ass niggaz would be on this shit, just runnin off at tha muuufuckin mouth...fuck ass boi...and talk bout lil chain nigga...look at that flea market shit u got on fuck u need to get off ma dick...u fuckin poser...i dont even know u fuck nigga....but thanx fa lookin at ma page fuck boi...i see u can be my lil hoe since u browsin ma pics bitch ass nigga...why dont u get on my level and go get some pussy ova seas chillin in Japan...and yo bitch ass sittin at home n shit wishn u can be someone lil fuck ass boi...damn...but im glad u hollad at me fuck boi...that just know how many posin ass bitch ass fuck ass lil ass dick in tha mouth faggot ass niggas is out there...aint bout shit nigga...throwin up sets n shit nigga...mannnnn take yo MTV bitch ass somewhere nigga... think just cuz a nigga wear red imma part of someone gang nigga...mayynnee please fuck nigga...talkin bout ma chain shit wayyy more reala than yours pussy ass what tree u barkin up ma nigga cuz u dont know na'an thang about me fuck boi...take that highschool shit u on ma nigga and stick that shit in ya faggoty ass fuck nigga....funny how bitch ass niggas sit and talk shit on tha net cuz they aint got what otha niggaz got...go buy a mufffuckin clue witcha broke ass fuck boi

BigNasty aka BigBlakkWhaidloklik's picture

LMAO!...ohhh damn fuck nigga...what did you finally get ya internet turned back on? What couldnt afford it? LOL it took ya bitch ass long enough to respond...what did it take that long to try to give a comeback??? mannnnnnn...Ya internet gangsta ass...ol fake ass null n void ass who said something about nation???? see you so muthafuckin stupid...its lke U wanna start some shit...but in actuality...when the day comes to an end....ya bitch ass lay in bed with ya man...and tell yaself, "Damn, Willy, I woke up this morning and im not shit, im not bout shit, I will never be shit, and honestly I wish I could be like that nigga BigBlakk when I decide to grow up." HAAAAA fuck nigga i know u wanna be like me bitch but u can...take yo 90's no swag havin, dick in the ass, fake ass wannabe gangsta ass on .....i see uzz a dick rida, but fuck niggas from Flaaawda dont get down like that, wit ya bitch ass dick beataz and dick sukin lips...HAAAA man u crack me the fuck up bitch nigga...i wish i could see ya bitch ass in person and watch yo fuck ass get shook all day long...pussy ass fuck nigga...dont even bother writing tired of dissin ya bitch ass on the net...only pussy gets the attention from me...SO GUESS WHAT THAT MAKES U BITCH????? STRAIIGHHTTT PUSSSYYYYYYY! FAGGOT ASS NIGGA LOL!!!

Ronald Baldwin A.K.A Killaman14's picture

a dat 5 poppin bro u trippen gangsta