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Young Mulli Baby


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Young Mulli Baby
US Minor Outlying Is
Young Mulli Baby
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what hadden ow puzzy ass niggs this mr. 0 gee talking so puzzy niggas listen

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whats hadden all you sexy azz ladies out thair you know if you wount a real niaag you can hit me up on my page yungmulli baby ana i also have a drizzy drake page so you can hit me up on thair

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whats up bitch ass nigga

aℓmiqhty boo.'s picture

heyy boo(:

Mrz.BeYoNdPreTtyBosSChIck.'s picture

wat money u got lol

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damn damn dats you in dat pic look good good mulli baby

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wats up

GUCCI'S #1 Angel's picture

ok man

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hey thanxs for the request my new strong friend...

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you so fukin gay young mulli baby

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What it do than boo....dis is the one and only RockStarr ......How, You, What, den boo add me as a friend.....LOL

Y3s, AMA  5*  $T@R CH!!CK...'s picture

just shown love

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what up.. i wish i could see that face?? whats ur number sweetie i do texting as well