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we she was 18

Posted by chanille nicole...
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You asked me what was wrong.. And I said nothing... Then you turned around.. As a tear came down my cheek.. And I whispered Everything.

I only cry when my tears
cannot be seen
like in the dark, or in the rainu think ur life is hard-Try bein the girl who
lives in a world where every1 shes loves doesnt love her back

.* it`z really hard to live ur own life when u want to be apart of somewun elsez *.

just so you can`t see my pain

Why do we fall in love with the ones who hurt us,
but hurt the ones that love us?

tell me something thats sure to
break my heart

I dont wanna cry no more but i cant fake my feeling


You think I'm happy you think it's ture. what you don't realize, Is that I'm a good actress Too.

you think your life is hard-Try being the girl who
lives in a world where everyone shes loves doesnt love her back

It`z really hard to live your own life when you want to be apart of someone elses.

But I know you love me so why are you actting like that are you fronting or you just trying to play stuipd